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The Collaborative Exchange has published South Africa’s first independant platform survey

The survey provides independent insights on custodian platform/LISP service providers. The study will provide advisers with invaluable insights into many aspects of the businesses who have chosen to participate in the survey, and enable them to professionally access the merits of one platform product provider over another.

The Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA) supports any independent research/study that assists financial advisers in conducting independent investigation and proper due-diligence into the products, services and corporate structures of any FSP company that provides these services in South Africa.

The FIA, through sponsorship from Wealth Associates and MitonOptimal, is able to provide members with a FREE copy of the report.

Please email platformsurvey@fia.org.za to request your free copy.

Please note that this survey may not be reproduced or distributed to other parties without the express consent of The Collaborative Exchange (Pty) Ltd and is therefore only for the internal use of the recipient.